New Jersey Traffic Lawyer

Most of us have received a traffic ticket at some point in our lives. You are not automatically guilty because a police officer said that you were speeding, missed a stop sign, or ignored a no turn on red signal. A distinguished traffic lawyer can help you to contest your ticket in court.

Potential penalties for a citation can range from hefty fines, a loss of a license, raised insurance rates, or even jail time. A traffic citation is a serious matter that should be contested at every turn.

Examples of Traffic Violations
  • Reckless Driving, punishable by a jail term of not more than 60 days, a fine between $50 and $200, or both
  • Driving in an unsafe manner, a fine of between $50 and $150 and one license penalty point. Fines ramp up based on multiple convictions. Improper Turns. Fine of up to $100
  • Leaving the scene of an accident where injury occurred. A fine of between $2,500 and $5,000, or imprisonment for 180 days, or both
Contesting a Traffic Citation in Court

New Jersey Police must follow a strict procedure when issuing a traffic ticket. The ticket must state the exact nature of the offense and contain information on how to contest the charges. The exact procedure for this is outlined in NJ Statute 39:4-139.4.

Time is of the essence at this stage. There is only a short time in which a person has the ability to contest the charges.

In NJ Statute 39:4-139.8, the law states that the court may require that the officer who issued the ticket appear in person. Ensuring that the court sees that this is necessary is an important first step in an individual’s defense.

New Jersey traffic lawyers will work to convince the sitting judge that an individual’s right to question the officer is vital to their defense. Once that officer does appear, our attorneys will question that officer, as well as examine all the evidence in the case to work towards the best possible outcome in the individual’s particular circumstances.

Potential Criminal Charges for Traffic Violations

More serious accusations involving traffic violations, such as leaving the scene of an accident where an injury occurred, reckless driving, or even DUI, all carry potential jail time.

Because of this, these incidents are treated as a criminal charge. When a person is accused of criminal charges, they are required to appear at court for an initial arraignment.

This arraignment time will appear on a person’s citation. At this arraignment may issues are considered, including any amount required for bail and any pretrial conditions. This hearing can affect a person’s freedom.

Speaking with an Attorney

An attorney can work with their client to reach positive outcomes at these arrangements. Additionally, during pre-trial hearings, our traffic lawyers examine every piece of evidence in your unique case, make evidentiary motions and question witnesses at potential trials.

Criminal convictions resulting from traffic violations affect not only a person’s driving record, but also their criminal record. This can make it difficult to keep auto insurance as well as to maintain employment that requires driving.